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Happy to assist you with your Investment goals. Using Real Estate as your investment vehicle towards achieving financial freedom, early retirement, generational wealth and taking back control of YOUR LIFE is one of the best decisions you can make!

What is Investment Real Estate all about?

Investment Real Estate gives you the ability to diversify and increase your monthly income, resulting in more stability for you and your family, while giving you extra income for future savings and retirement, or simply to improve your overall lifestyle.

Create your own Investment Strategy

Where you Always WIN

Everyone has different goals… which means not everyone can have the same strategy to achieve those goals. When you choose to work with Calvin Realty, you’re choosing to have a personalized investment plan and strategy curated specifically for you and YOUR needs directly. Guaranteeing to have you achieving WIN after WIN in real estate.

Understand Your Goals

As an Investor

When getting started in investment real estate it’s important to ask yourself: “What are my end goals?” There are many strategies that we can use to help you achieve your goals, the most important is understanding what strategy will work BEST FOR YOU!

Choose Your Path

Fix & Flips

Fix & Flips 101

If your goal is to be more active in Real Estate turn larger profits in shorter periods of time then Fix and Flip is right for you.

We can FIX & FLIP any property type, whether it is a small condo apartment that you purchase for less than $100,000, a single family home you purchase for $300,000, or a multi family property you purchase for 1M. We need to ensure the numbers make sense at the end of the day, and that mean YOU making a PROFIT!

Fix & Flip Success

The equation we use for this is simple:

Once completed the equation, if this profit makes sense to you then the deal makes sense, and we should put in an offer without ever exceeding our maximum purchase price.

Yielding the Greatest Profit


  1. Purchase Price
  2. Labour + Materials
  3. Holding Costs & Borrowing Costs
  4. Selling Costs

Every person has a path to success, let’s find yours!

Buy & Holds

The Buy & Hold strategy is one of the most popular strategies for long term WEALTH in real estate.

It can increase your monthly income, help you plan for early retirement, diversify your income with greater stability, creating more freedom and more generational wealth.

If these goals sound familiar.....

Then increasing your passive income would be a great solution

You have the ability to get yourself a property for the purpose of generating passive income much easier than you think! 

Whether you live in part of the property and rent out the rest, known as the house hack method or have it solely as a rental property that gives you the greatest amount of cash-flow.

Buy & Holds 101

First we Must Understand:

  1. Your Goals
  2. Your Time Commitment
  3. Capital Available

From there we create a plan that makes sense for you as there are 4 ways to generate income from a Buy & Hold!

We are experts of the Edmonton & area, we get to know what matters to you most as an investor and best advise which area’s fit you as an investor.

Each area will offer different cashflow opportunities, vacancy numbers, tenant profile and natural appreciation.


4 Ways to Generate Income from a Buy & Hold


Cash in your pocket, paid out to you monthly.


Your tenants will be paying off the mortgage, eventually leaving you with a property fully paid off.


Ability to increase the property’s value by improving the property known as the BRRRR method and/or purchasing near infrastructure with increasing demand to accelerate the value of your home.


Consider this property as a business, and this business has its fair share of write off’s and benefits to you as the owner.


Multi-family 101

If your goal is to make a smart investment, it can generate long-term financial stability. Consider purchasing multifamily real estate.

Buying an apartment complex or entire condominium sounds daunting for most people. Many people can see themselves buying a house, or even an investment property or two, but not many can ever see themselves buying a multi-family property.

it is so easy to invest in multi-family

we wil simplify and educate you on the whole investment process from start to finish, you’ll easily see how possible it really is to purchase Multi-Family Real Estate.

Investor Events

We LOVE our events and so do those that join them! We pride ourselves in being able to create a tribe of likeminded individuals who motivate each other to succeed in Real Estate.

We bring together driven, motivated, and active investors in the real estate realm throughout Canada in our investor events. If you’re looking to get into the realm of investment real estate, find a JV partner, get educated, or simply become motivated to take action – our investor events are where it’s at! 


Our annual charitable golf tournament takes place in the summer. This is our largest of all of our events, with ALL PROCEEDS GOING TO CHARITY! (We have known to write cheques $5,000+ to our charitable partner from these events). This fun day is dedicated towards you having a great time, meeting other investors and walk away with MANY investor focused professional partners, qwe have 18 of them present rready to meet you and join your investment team!

Infil Tour

Learn about Infill, what is it, where is it needed, how to get started and the contacts you require to put it all together! This is one of our NEWEST events.


Visit 4 different properties in different locations at various different stages of a FIX & FLIP. Learn what other successful nvestors are doing in todays market and how they have been able to make Real Estate investing a full time focus. Expect to learn, be inspired to take action and walk away with many contacts to help you in your investment journey!

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