Real estate was not a field I had truly considered at first, but over time nothing seemed to be clearer. I realized that not only would my initial plan take forever to get where I wanted, but it may not even be worthwhile. Between a military posting having us move our family across the country to the many other struggles and worries that come with parenthood, I found that I needed to change the way I viewed a “career” in order to live up to the expectations I had for myself and for my family.

Over the last few years working in sales and service, I learned that life will always be unpredictable, but the one thing you can truly count on is yourself. How you show up, your mindset, how much you choose to keep learning and striving for better, is all up to you. This is what I love about Real Estate. You have more control over your success and for the most part, you are not being held back or limited. It can be difficult work; but so can life without hard work.

What you can expect when working with me is someone who will work hard for you through thick and thin. If you have any worries, hand them to me and let me worry for you. If there are obstacles, let me guide you around them. Upon getting to know me more, you can also definitely expect some sing-talking and possibly some bad dance moves for any victories both big and small.

As a kid my mom called me an adrenaline junkie. I was (and still am) always up for adventure and am happiest when I’m doing something challenging, active, and thrilling. Whether it’s cliff-jumping, finding the biggest roller coasters to ride, dirt biking, hiking, playing sports, or just pushing myself further/faster in my runs, I feel at my best when I’m moving and can feel my heart pumping.

There’s no better feeling than those post-thrill endorphins, than pushing yourself through something scary or difficult, and coming out the other side braver and stronger.

There are still many things on the bucket list that I want to do and try, and I have every intention of checking them off.

Sorry, Mom, for most likely giving you all the mini-heart attacks as a kid.

What most people in passing don’t know about me is that I am a bit of a thrill-seeker. From cliff-jumping into the ocean, trying any size roller coaster, running obstacle races (and winning) etc, I’m always down. I love the thrill and adventure of trying new things and seeing new places.