I have a history of construction and management experience with general contracting, and the more intense projects I worked on were large-scale renovations on multifamily buildings. Seeing these properties and how you can increase their value by combining creativity and calculations made me really want to understand the process from start to finish. Specializing in commercial real estate was a natural fit. I decided on the immersive way to learn an industry by studying it from the inside and having boots on the ground. So here I am, compounding my knowledge every day in order to be the best in the field.

Once we work together, I am your committed ally. I will ask the right questions to ensure the next move forward is in sync with your long-term investment plan/vision. You will receive a personalized service that encourages your growth and confidence in the world of real estate.

I love collecting rocks! Their quirky traits and rugged nature are so beautiful! It started with unique gravel pebbles from my driveway, then I graduated to the class of gems and stones.

Since my hands could grasp the tools, I have created artwork and carpentry projects as gifts. All of them are infused with abundant thought for people who have impacted my life. Giving these creations to others is me saying, “Thank you”!